Just like the real thing

Our unofficial AWS DeepRacer timing module will give you predictable performace that is accurate to what you can expect at an official AWS Race.

Thank you Deep Racers.

Premium SMD Components

Every component on our boards come from reputable semiconductor industry manufacturers such as Samsung, TDK and Texas Instruments. No clone chips are used here!


For every order, we will plant a tree through our partner Ecologi

Digital Racing Kings

We help you up your racing game

  • Accuracy

    Get accurate lap data using the same technology as at offical races, all from your own home (or garage).

  • Lots of data

    Now that you have lap data from the real world, you can use it to analyse and improve your models in AWS.

  • Pro Tools

    Leverage the same tools and capabilities as the professionals.

  • Modifications

    These will disqualify your car from official races, but they will take your vehicles to a whole new level.