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Digital Racing Kings

Start / Finish Line Pressure Strips - 200 Pack

Start / Finish Line Pressure Strips - 200 Pack

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These pressure strips plug straight into your Unofficial DKR Timing Boards using their 2 meter twisted pair cable and JST PH Header, enabling you to have accurate lap times, every time.

Please Note: There is a MOQ of 200 units for each order so we can only offer bulk packs. This is imposed by the factory not DRK, it is impossible for us to supply less than 200 at a time sorry.

Additionally, this item is long and delicate and so the packaging is a lot more complex leading to slightly longer shipping times. We're working hard to make this better, but for now we'd rather you receive high quality undamaged products.

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Unofficial AWS DeepRacer Timers

Same technology as seen at AWS re:invent 2022

This means you will be testing your model's performance in the real world, as close to official DeepRacer conditions as possible!

High Quality Semiconductors

We only use high quality components designed to operate at many thousands of hours with no degradation in function, within an extremely wide thermal range.

We plant a tree for every order made

We've partnered with Ecologi to plant 1 tree for every order placed on our platform.